A 21 Day Water Fast for HEALTH (Cure Lyme Disease, Infections, Bacteria, Mental Illness)

So here is my summed up version of my water fast…. I consumed only distilled water for 21 days (504 hours). Recently, being diagnosed with Lyme Disease and not wanting to go the ‘intravenous antibiotic route’, I declined the recommendation of my doctors and followed my heart. I did take Doxycycline (sp?) as well as followed the instructions of my Homeopathic therapist prior to the fast. But, with some symptoms still lingering, and the desire to get the bacteria completely out of my body for good, I chose to complete this water fast. I am all better now (and some). Currently, I am completing the recovery phase of this fast by reintroducing fruits into my diet for which I will continue to do for the next little while. Afterward, I plan on fasting periodically for health, keeping a high raw fruit and veggie diet in between… and then just making sure that I am happy!! Thanks for taking the time to enjoy the experience as much as I have!! What a wonderful life!!! ============================ To read more on the benefits of Hygienic Fasting please read this book below. Especially if you desire to conduct your own long fast… Dr. Herbert Shelton: www.soilandhealth.org ============================ And here is the book I was referring to in the video. There are some great finds about wealthy healthy happiness as well as fasting…. plus MORE… VIKTORAS KULVINSKAS CO-FOUNDER OF THE HIPPOCRATES HEALTH INSTITUTE www.survivalinthe21stcentury.com ======================= Tags

16 Responses to “A 21 Day Water Fast for HEALTH (Cure Lyme Disease, Infections, Bacteria, Mental Illness)”

  1. Kevin Hadsell says:

    Use 30 Betaine Hcl with 15 activator and will cure lymes in about 21 days. It will also re-methylate the cells from digestion and extend lifespan by about 30% based on the Heidelberg Capsule Study from the mid 70’s. Live source is best since it closely matches our DNA and energy field in mammals. I buy from qnhshop dot com

  2. SnowLeopardMike says:

    hey this audio was normal the first time I watched it, now it is all messed up, I wonder why they distorted the audio? Demons don’t like fasting, it casts them out of you.

  3. aracnia says:

    Yeah, it’s so weird when that happens. 🙂
    I didn’t fully recover my muscle mass for months afterwards. Felt like I did calf raises for 21 days straight hahaa…

    Have you read any of HERBERT M. SHELTON’s works? If not, it really keeps the motivation up!

  4. futureworks6116 says:

    awesome, it’s bad when people die…great job !! I’m on day 6 and hiding, feel sore like I played football.
    Thanks again

  5. aracnia says:

    well, to save you 10minutes… I didn’t die. Infact, I arrived more alive.

  6. futureworks6116 says:

    Audio is not good - wanted to listen but could not

  7. sirazsau says:

    Have you tried Fat Blast Factor? (do a google search for it) It is a quick and easy way to lose weight fast.

  8. talksolot says:

    i guess it didn’t cure your crankiness

  9. Goraknath1010 says:

    Your confusing consuming and medication (only forms of suppression) with actually dealing with things in life. I assume you only have experience in the realm of suppression.

  10. ev5400 says:

    A lot of people don’t die fasting even longer. And Lyme disease is INCURABLE. You just suppressed it in your body. That’s why the testing for Lyme is only 65% accurate.

  11. aracnia says:

    For people who can see with eyes unclouded, and that don’t need their ears to think.

    If you didn’t get it, I survived 21 days on water to cure lymes disease.

    During the video, I didn’t die and cured my illnesses.

    Did you need sound to conclude that? Sheesh.

  12. ev5400 says:

    Did you record this to your phone? Why would you put something out with such a horrible sound?

  13. philddlesticks says:

    Please could you add annotations to this video? would like to know what you’re saying

  14. KevinPatrickCarey says:

    yah im tired of the if you dont eat you will DIE fear that people start spouting the minute you tell them your fasting. If you have enough fat reserves and water to sustain your biochemical processes you can go MONTHS without eating

  15. aracnia says:

    None taken! 😉 Have a deLIGHTfilled day!

  16. savantkid1 says:

    fair enough hun but no offence meant but the sounds bad……