Hu Zhang also known as Bushy Knotweed

Resveratrol kills cancer cells naturally by inducing apoptosis (also called programmed cell death) while leaving healthy cells unharmed. It does this by converting lipids (or fats) in tumor cells into molecules called ceramides. For example, researchers found that resveratrol causes breast cancer cells to die off in this manner. This information is found in Journal Medicinal Chemistry 48: 6783-86, 2005.

Albert Sun, a professor of pharmacology at Missouri University, discovered that resveratrol can absorb free radicals during a stroke and stop them from doing any further damage to the brain or individual cells. The researchers found a remarkable difference between brain cells that had been treated with resveratrol and those that had not. Researchers found the compound was helpful if taken both before and after a stroke. More information can be found at: University Of Missouri-Columbia (2003, November 27). Grapes May Minimize Brain Damage In Stroke Victims. ScienceDaily