i just removed a deer tick, question about lyme disease!?

Question by Mr. Midget: i just removed a deer tick, question about lyme disease!?
i work at a summer camp in easter Massacusetts. twards the end of the camp day i noticed i had a deer tick on me. i went to the EMT that works full time for the camp and she removed it for me. she then told me i should go to my DR with the sugestion that she might give me some antibiotics. i know 4 people who have worked in the same camp that now have lyme disease due to the deer ticks that are on the property. when i got to my dr she saw me right away, but only for 5 mineuts. she simple looked at the spot on my arm where the tick had been, noticed it was totaly removed and said that if i saw any redness or had flue like symptoms that i should call her right away.

me question is, should i got to a different dr or a hospital to get antibiotics, or just wait an see if the sympots show up and then go?

also, i think the tick was only atached for a few hours. i know i didn’t have it yesterday moning befor camp. ao it was on me some where between 2 and 24 hours.

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Answer by Zsa*Zsa* Galore
I asked my husband who is a doctor & he strongly recommended that you DO get antibiotic treatment. Since your family doctor ignored your concern, go to the E.R. & insist you get treatment…..tell them about the 4 other campers who have contracted Lyme Disease from the same tick population. They should take your complaint seriously. Good luck!

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