Possible that i have lyme disease?… (help)?

Question by : Possible that i have lyme disease?… (help)?
For years now (i am 17) i have been struggling with this feeling that i feel like i’m ‘detached’ from myself like an unreal feeling, like im in a dream state in a way this is constant, 24/7. I do not get a break from this feeling. I’ve struggled with this feeling for years now, it progressively got worse and now it’s just too hard to do anything. Going to work and school is hell. I used to have panic attacks all the time, anxiety over this feeling. I thought i had some horrible disease.. Been tested for everything been to so many doctors, cat scan on brain, mri on neck, ultrasound on stomach, endoscopy and biopsy.. nothing.. just some inflammation in my esophagus and stomach is all.. and my nose is always clogged even when my allergies arent acting up.. I get this pain on the left side of my stomach, its very uncomfortable sometimes to the point where i have to bend over and squeeze that side with my stomach muscles to relieve the pain. I have neck stiffness, very bad. even when i go to my chriopractor and get adjusted it still is stiff. my chest recently just started to become ‘stiff’ not that long ago. It cracks a lot. I get this white light strobe light like floater in my left eye. I get headaches, migraines.. sometimes i get tingling in my left upper arm or a slight numbness feeling.. sometimes (rarely) i go slightly deaf in one of my ears.. also, my face (under my eye usually) will twitch too. I do sometimes get pains in my knees.. We thought it might be candida, but the endoscopy would have showed that most likely.. we thought it could be gluten intolerance.. not sure anymore though.. i’m being tested for celiac right now.. but I was talking about lyme and i used to get A LOT of ticks on me as a child. i used to climb trees and such and my mom would always check me and we had to always get some off of me.. there was one that was really hard to get off of me i remember.. and i also had ringworm when i was little, on my face up on my forehead.. But i went to school with it and it had spread to other parts of my face too and it was so bad the school told me i had to go home.. and ringworm is supposably really contagious.. but no one i touch had got it.. maybe it was the rash from a bite from a tick? is this possible?… does anyone think i should go talk to a lyme specialist or to save money anything you know that i could take to see if i feel better? Please, i just want my life back. You have no idea how hard it is to live with this.. i go out trying to smile to be happy as i usually am and i just come home and cry.. my boyfriend is doing everything he can to make me feel better as well as my mom.. please

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Answer by yak_on_guiness
I would say that it is very likely that you may have it. You mentioned a rash, and according to my research, a rash may develop from a tick bite within 2-3 weeks of being bit. I did some research and here is what I found as a list of symptoms:
Stage 1:
Lack of energy, which is the most common symptom.
Headache and stiff neck.
Fever and chills.
Muscle and joint pain.
Swollen lymph nodes.
Stage 2:
Being tired.
Additional skin rashes in several places on your body that develop as the infection spreads.
Pain, weakness, or numbness in the arms or legs.
Inability to control the muscles of the face (paralysis of the facial nerves).
Recurring headaches or fainting.
Poor memory and reduced ability to concentrate.
Conjunctivitis (pinkeye) or sometimes damage to deep tissue in the eyes.
Occasional rapid heartbeats (palpitations) or, in rare cases, serious heart problems.
Stage 3:
Swelling and pain (inflammation) in the joints, especially in the knees.
Numbness and tingling in the hands, feet, or back.
Severe fatigue.
Partial facial nerve paralysis, which usually occurs within the first few months after the tick bite.
Neurologic changes, including problems with memory, mood, or sleep, and sometimes problems speaking.
Chronic Lyme arthritis, which causes recurring episodes of swelling, redness, and fluid buildup in one or more joints that last up to 6 months at a time.
Because you mentioned that you got the rash as a child, it seems to me that you are probably experiencing stage 3 symptoms right now. Because, from what I know, lyme disease can be very hard to cure at this stage, I would absolutely recommend seeing a specialist, because I am by far no expert on lyme disease.
And I do hope that you can receive that help you need.

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