Q&A: Does rosemary oil kill ticks?

Question by twinroses1: Does rosemary oil kill ticks?
Concerned about Lyme Disease. Looking to rid pine trees in yard of harmful ticks. Do not live near deer, should I bother having trees sprayed with rosemary oil?

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Answer by boozenaked
No, it doesn’t work very well. The best thing to do is wear long sleeved shirts and pants, tuck your pants into your boots, and wear a hat. Check yourself when you get home, it takes a while for Lyme disease to enter the bloodstream.

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  1. ewnswm says:

    I have done some research and the could not find any good natural answers . A good site I cannot remember recommended only one non organic product which was pymethrins which is found in a lot of flea and tick products. I found a 36 percent concentrate and have been spraying every two to three week to control a tick problem that came with a pound puppy we adopted. It works fairly well at higher strengths as recommended on the label.