Q&A: If I removed tics from my dog, should I take him to the vet?

Question by Ashley F: If I removed tics from my dog, should I take him to the vet?
My dog recently had tics. I am now trying to remove them when I do, should I take him to the vet, to check for lyme disease?

Best answer:

No. I have removed many ticks from my dogs and have not had any Lyme so far. If the dog were to get a fever and lameness, then you might think of Lyme, but they do not test for Lyme just because you remove some ticks.

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8 Responses to “Q&A: If I removed tics from my dog, should I take him to the vet?”

  1. Alice B says:

    YES because you shouldn’t have pulled them off because the head is probably still in the dog’s body which may cause the dog to have an infection!

  2. Tryin' Again says:

    Pick em off(W/your FINGERS!!!),squish em til they pop &…if you’re squeamish,wash your hands afterwards.

    Know what happens if you leave the head???
    ****NOTHING****,unless you consider the faint possibility of a PIMPLE cause to run screaming for a medivac chopper!!!

    btw,it’s spelled ticK.

  3. •Poppy• says:

    Nah. Even if you missed a few heads, they’ll work their way out of the bloodstream. Your goal is to miss none, but even the best tick-pullers miss a few.

    If you don’t have a flea/tick killer, like Frontline, on your dog, you might want to pick some up from the vet, but a visit isn’t necessary.

  4. rescue member says:

    Depends, is it prevalent in your area? Some areas the ticks carry Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever instead.
    I would call your vet to see if they think it necessary to test your dog.

    In future, put a monthly flea AND tick preventative on your dog every single month, without fail – either Advantix (I use this on all my dogs, ever since they got infested with ticks while we were camping once and have no more tick problems) or Frontline Plus.

  5. Yo LO! Aussie Grins says:

    If you’re 100% sure that you got all the Ticks out and didn’t leave any part of them under the skin (if the tick broke during removal), then clean the area with a little Hydrogen Peroxide and the dog will be fine. If any part of the tick broke off and is still under the skin, then the dog could get an infection.

  6. llama1123 says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it, next time you bring him in make sure to mention he has had ticks on him and that he should be tested for lyme disease.
    Make sure he’s on some sort of flea and tick preventative! (frontline, advantix)
    If he becomes lame in any of his legs, becomes lethargic, has a fever then take him in to the vet sooner.

  7. Kimberly A says:

    If you live in an area where tick-borne diseases are present, get the Lyme Disease vaccine every year for your dog. I am in Texas…we have TONS of ticks (and every other critter) every year, but the Frontline really keeps them at bay. I also get my dogs the Lyme Disease Vaccine every year.
    Good Luck

  8. Lodi says:

    It’s important for you to keep every tick you get out in a jar or something and put a date on it. If your dog becomes ill then you need to show these ticks to the vet and he can do a quick check if they were carrying some sort of disease. But please use frontline, your dog could get very sick.