Q&A: Lyme’s Disease- getting help for cost of treatment?

Question by hope: Lyme’s Disease- getting help for cost of treatment?
My cousin, who is in her 20’s, was recently diagnosed with Lyme’s disease. Over the past several years, she struggled with multiple health problems, with no diagnosis until now.

The diagnosis is bittersweet- she now knows what is making her so ill, but unfortunately, she must undergo extensive, daily, treatments for 3 months, which costs nearly $ 2000/wk. Her insurance does not cover this treatment, and she is suffering. Her doctor says she won’t die from this disease, but she has to suffer with all the worsening symptoms. It is sad that this treatment can help her (though I hear it has some pretty bad side effects as well) but she has to sit back and suffer, due to lack of finances.

She is young and has her whole life ahead of her. The severity of her illness prevents her from working, as daily functioning is a struggle in itself. There MUST BE some way to help her. Is there some organization? I’m trying to find a way to start some sort of fundraiser…

Any ideas???

Any ideas?

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Answer by faithalone
nothing makes me more mad than health insurance making important life choices for people!!! you pay for health insurance for times like this and then what do they do either a) nothing or b) raise your rates to where you can’t afford to pay the premium or even go to the doctor. anyways, what most people have done around my hometown is put out jars at gas station (i live in a small town), sometimes women from churches will sponsor a bake sale or garage sale for people, and another thing i’ve seen is a local music group hold a benefit concert. hope some of these help!!!

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  1. Doc Hollywood says:

    The treatment for Lyme’s disease is a 2 -3 week course of an oral antibiotic (doxycycline or Cefuroxime). Beyond that , antibiotics has no further benefit. The infectious diseases society of America’s position is three weeks of antibiotics.
    What your cousin is experiencing right now is called post-lyme syndrome. Antibiotics does not work for this syndrome and treatment is symptomatic. A lot of unconventional medications are now being used by some physicians. This is of NO proven benefit and may be harmful to her. I feel that the physicians is taking advantage of her. She should seek a second opinion!!!!