What can I do to keep the ticks off my dog?

Question by Molly❀: What can I do to keep the ticks off my dog?
I use advantix, and they are still on her. Is there a shampoo i can use? Can I spray anything outside?

I do not want her to get Lyme disease or any other disease.

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Answer by lilly
flea spray after going outside

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  1. Cass says:

    i use frontline plus

  2. nicole c says:

    Get a tick repellent that you put on the back of her neck ( so they can’t scratch or bite at it ) and what it does is it releases a chemical into her blood but it is non- toxic to the dog and will not harm the dog in any way but it kills fleas. there are two brands that i know of -frontline and spot on.

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  5. frodobaggins115 says:

    Call a pest control company; they probably can recommend something to spray in your yard and if you are using something already on your dog to get rid of ticks and they keep getting on her, your house might be infested. In that case, you would need the pest people to treat your house as well.

    To remove ticks already on your dog, use a Q-tip dipped in either rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover and rub it on where the tick is fastened to the skin until they fall off. Then pick up the tick using a paper towel and put it in a ziplock bag and throw it away. Ticks are pesky and can breed very quickly.

    I had 2 dogs and somehow or other they both got ticks and the little critters just spread like wildfire! (Mine got them from being boarded at the vet one time; disturbing huh?)

  6. Matty G says:

    What I did is at first put on some vinegar on the spots where my dog had ticks, then I went to the vet and ordered some Frontline and a tick prevention collar. After, that I haven’t seen one tick on him, around his crate, or anywhere really.

    The tick prevention collar works like this: it kills all of the ticks that are attached, then prevents the ticks from ever getting on again. You replace it every 3 months.

    Hope this helps.

  7. roadkill55 says:

    seven dust it works for me. dust her down once a week after its bath let it play out side for a bit to shake off the exes. the oder will die down after a little bit. and i have never had it make a dog, me or any one in my house ill

  8. Susan W says:

    I hate to tell you, but there is NOTHING you can do or use to keep ticks off your dog. HOWEVER, topical products like Frontline Plus and K-9 Advantix WILL kill ticks before they can spread diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. Ticks are EXTREMELY difficult to kill and the products take 24 – 36 hours to actually kill the tick. Ticks need to be actively feeding on the pet for at least 48 hours in order to transmit diseases.

    Once the products have killed the ticks, they should readily fall off the pet. If you need to actually remove a tick that is attached, simply grab it with a pair of tweezers and pull it straight out. It’s an Old Wives’ Tale that ticks will leave their head in the skin and it will become infected and that you have to “unscrew” the tick.

  9. Leigh says:

    I think that Revolution works the best for ticks, I have tried the others, and nothing has worked as well for me.

    You can try a repellant spray (ask your vet to recommend one), but many can’t be used in conjunction with a topical like Revolution or Frontline.

    And, yes, you CAN use something outside…I use Cutter Bug-Free Backyard spray once a month, it really helps to keep the ticks out of the yard, as well many other bugs.

  10. Lesley R says:

    You can use Frontline Plus, its excellent, also I advise you to dip your dog once a month to prevent the ticks and fleas returning and keep them away. If you have long grass in your yard, cut it because ticks linger in tall grass waiting to pounce.